In the event of a catastrophic system failure, an otherwise properly licensed and authorized copy of our product may be copied to a backup or failover machine. The product's authorization algorithm will detect that the software is operating on a machine serial number different than the licensed and authorized serial number and automatically create and install a 30-day temporary authorization code for the backup or failover machine. You do not need to contact Gumbo in the event of an emergency.

An otherwise properly licensed and authorized copy of this product may be transferred to a backup or failover machine for the purpose of testing your emergency recovery procedures and the product's automatic temporary authorization function.


The correct sequence of steps is as follows:

  1. Install the software and enter the permanent authorization code on your production machine.
  2. Save the software from your production machine using the Save Licensed Program (SAVLICPGM) command. This creates an authorized copy, save it with your backups.
  3. When restoring to the backup or failover machine you must first insure that any previous copies have been deleted. To delete a previous copy use the Delete Licensed Program (DLTLICPGM) command.
  4. Restore the authorized copy to the backup or failover machine using the Restore License Program (RSTLICPGM) command.
  5. Confirm that the authorized copy was correctly restored by running the Check Product Option (CHKPRDOPT) command.
  6. The first time the software is used on the backup or failover machine the product's authorization algorithm will create and install a temporary authorization code running for 30 days. This allows you install the authorized copy in advance of a disaster.