Unlike IBM® licensed programs, Gumbo Software licensed programs are packaged in a way that allows multiple release to be installed on IBM i at the same time. This feature allows you to test a new release while the old release remains in production.


The keys to new release testing are the LIB() and CODHOMEDIR() parameters of IBM i's Restore License Program (RSTLICPGM) command which allow you to restore the product to a library name and directory different than those normally used by the product. Your existing release is left unchanged.

These example instructions show how to install release V2R4M0 of Report Manager for testing while leaving release V2R3M0 in production. Modify the example for the product and release you are installing. To test a new release, follow this procedure:

  1. Review the enhancement summary for any release to release considerations that could affect your installation.
  2. Install the new release in library RM1V2R4M0 and directory '/Gumbo/ProdData/2A55RM1V2R4M0':

    RSTLICPGM LICPGM(2A55RM1) DEV(device-name) LNG(2924) LIB(RM1V2R4M0) REPLACERLS(*NO) CODHOMEDIR('/Gumbo/ProdData/2A55RM1V2R4M0')

    where device-name is the device the media was mounted on.

  3. Prompt CHGRM1DFT on both releases and copy any changes from the existing release to the new release.
  4. Perform your new release testing.
  5. When testing is complete you must delete the new release.


    Note: Do not delete nor rename libraries and directories to move the new release into production. Doing so will corrupt the license program information kept internally by IBM i . If you have already done this, see the Trouble Shooting chapter of the manual.

  6. Follow the regular installation instructions to place the new release into production.