Thank you for downloading Spool-a-Matic, the software utility that transforms IBM i spooled output into popular stream file formats.

There are 4 steps to installing Spool-a-Matic on your system. They are:

  1. Create a save file on your system.
  2. Transfer the contents of file sam.svf from your PC to the save file using FTP.
  3. Restore Spool-a-Matic from the save file.
  4. Authorization

Procedures for each of these steps are detailed below. In these procedures PC denotes an operation performed on your PC while i denotes an IBM i operation performed on your system. Enter represents the enter key.

Step 1. Create Save File Procedure

To create a save file on your system perform the following:

  1. i  Sign on to IBM i as the security officer (QSECOFR).
  2. i Create a save file by running the command:


You are now ready to transfer sam.svf to your system, go to Step 2 Transfer Procedure - FTP.

Step 2. Transfer Procedure - FTP

To transfer sam.svf to your system using FTP, perform the following:

  1. i Insure that IBM i's FTP server is active by running command:


  2. PC If you haven't already unzipped the download do so now by double clicking it, or by choosing Start > Run and specifying sam.
  3. PC Choose Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Change to the directory where you unzipped the downloaded file. This is usually:

    cd \Gumbo\ProdData\SAM\InstallEnter

  4. PC Open an FTP connection to the IBM i by running (replace "system_name" with your system's name or IP address):

    FTP system_nameEnter

  5. PC Enter a user name and password when prompted.
  6. PC Change to binary (image) mode by running:


  7. PC Change to library/file/member mode by running:

    cd /qsys.lib/qgpl.libEnter
    quote site namefmt 0Enter

  8. PC Transfer the product save file by running:

    put sam.svf qgpl/samsavfEnter

  9. PC End FTP and the command prompt by running:


You are now ready to restore Spool-a-Matic from the save file, go to Step 3 Restore Procedure.

Step 3. Restore Procedure

To restore Spool-a-Matic to IBM i perform the following:

  1. i Verify that your system is running IBM i release  V7R2M0 or a later release by running:


    Note: If you are running an IBM i release earlier than V7R2M0, release V2R8M0 of Spool-a-Matic cannot be installed on your system. Download and install an earlier release.

  2. i Verify that user domain objects are allowed in the product's library SPLAMATIC and in library QSRV by running:


    Take option 5 to display the value. If the value is not *ALL, use option 2 to add libraries SPLAMATIC and QSRV to the list of libraries where user domain objects are allowed. QSRV is required to correctly process PTFs when they are loaded and applied.

  3. i Verify that programs with the adopt attribute can be restored by running:


    Take option 5 to display the value. If the restore options do not include *ALL or *ALWPGMADP, use option 2 to add *ALWPGMADP.

  4. i Insure that IBM i will be able to verify the signatures that we apply to our product's objects by installing our Signing Certificate and Root CA Certificate in the system's *SIGNATUREVERIFICATION certificate store using Digital Certificate Manager. Alternately, insure that signature verification will not prevent the restore operation by running:


    Take option 5 to display the value. If the value is 3 or higher, use option 2 to temporarily change the value to 1.

  5. i Restore the product by running (you may wish to submit this command to batch):


    Note: During the restore operation the system operator message queue may receive inquiry message CPA3DE4 "Directory not registered. (C G)". Unless you are using a directory naming convention similar to ours (that is the directory specified in the CPA3DE4's second level text is unrelated to our software), You can safely respond with a "G" to reestablish the relationship between the directory and the product. Typically the message will occur three or four times.

    Note: When the RSTLICPGM command completes, library SPLAMATIC and directory '/Gumbo/ProdData/2A55SAM' contain the new software.

  6. i Delete the save file which is no longer needed:


  7. i Display the product's main menu:


  8. i Select option 1 to display the on-line manual which contains additional instructions.

Step 4. Authorization Procedure

Temporary authorization of the software is automatic upon first use.

Additional Information

  1. For additional information see IBM's® Install, upgrade, or delete IBM i and related software SC41-5120.