Gumbo has seven products. There is some overlap between and unique function within the products. Choose the product or combination of products that provide the function you need:

LicPgm Product Name Description
2A55SAM Spool-a-Matic Convert IBM i spooled files to PDF, RTF, HTML, etc. in the Integrated File System
2A55SM1 SpoolMail Email IBM i spooled files as PDF, RTF, HTML, etc.
2A55XL1 Excel-erator Convert database files to spreadsheets in the Integrated File System or as email
2A55SM2 Gumbo Mail Send email from your applications
2A55DCR Dicer Merge, sort, split, duplicate spooled files
2A55RDA Report Designer Edit DDS, RPG, or ILE/RPG print specifications
2A55RM1 Report Manager Automate report distribution, bursting and spooled file management

Function Comparison

Function Product Name
Dicer Report
Primary input spooled file spooled file database file stream file spooled file source code spooled file
Primary output stream file email stream file email spooled file source code spooled file
Can monitor output queues for work YES YES - - - - YES
Spooled file distribution3 - - - - - - YES
Burst (split) spooled file YES YES - - YES - YES
Merge/sort/duplicate spooled file - - - - YES - YES
Convert spooled file to TXT YES YES - - - - YES
Convert spooled file to  PDF etc.4 YES YES - - - - -
Convert database file to spreadsheet5 - - YES - - - -
Email stream file as attachment - YES1 YES2 YES - - YES
Write stream file to IFS YES - YES - - - YES
Set up IBM i email - YES YES YES - - YES
Edit RPG, ILE/RPG, DDS source - - - - - YES -
  1. In addition to the spooled file.
  2. In addition to the spreadsheet.
  3. Multiple dispositions for a single spooled file.
  4. Conversions are  PDF RTF HTML, HPT, NONE, PS, APF, TIFF.
  5. Conversions are OOXML, XMLSS, BIFF, CSV.