Excel-erator is an IBM i based software utility that converts IBM i database files into spreadsheets. The resulting stream files are either placed into any directory in IBM i's Integrated File System or sent as an attachment to an email. With Excel-erator you can make IBM i data available to your users in the form best suited to them.


Excel-erator converts database files into spreadsheets. Excel-erator supports the following database files:

Excel-erator generates the following spreadsheet types:

*OOXML Microsoft's OfficeOpen XML. (Example.xlsx)
*XMLSS Microsoft's Excel specific "XML Spreadsheet format". (Example.xml)
*BIFF Microsoft's Binary Interchange File Format. (Example.xls)
*CSV Comma Separated Values (CSV). (Example.csv)

There are two commands that provide the conversion:

The Copy To Excel (CPYTOEXCEL) command takes a database file and an Integrated File System object (stream file) name as input. The file's contents are converted into a spreadsheet. The converted file is then placed in the requested Integrated File System object (stream file).

Depending on the Integrated File System name specified. you can place the generated file in any file system known to IBM i including writing directly to Windows systems on the network, another system running IBM i, or NFS servers.

The Send File Excel (SNDFEXCEL) command takes a database file and an email address as input. The file's contents are converted into a spreadsheet. The converted file is then emailed to the requested recipient using IBM i's built-in mail support. IBM i delivers the mail in the manner appropriate to the recipient's mail client. The spreadsheet arrives as a MIME attachment to an email message.

When sending the email, you have a wide variety of options to tailor the delivered message to your specific needs. Addressing includes multiple recipients, copy recipients and blind copy recipients. Additionally, you can include multiple Reply-To: addresses as well as specify the email address the message appears to come from. Delivery confirmation by read receipt can also be specified. Optionally, a digital signature can be included with the email.

Both commands support:

Commands to help you trouble shoot and, optionally, automatically configure IBM i to send mail are also included with the product.

Product Support

Gumbo products include a range of standard features that make them easy to use, easy to manage, and easy to live with:

For additional information see: Answers to the most frequently asked general product questions.

30-Day Trial

A fully functional 30-day trial of the product is available for immediate download. There is no obligation. To receive an invoice, fill out an Invoice Request.

Prices (USD)

Gumbo offers two choices for licensing our IBM i software products, system wide licensing and partition licensing. These are mutually exclusive. A system wide license applies to a specific system serial number and processor group and is good for any and all partitions in the system. A partition license applies to a specific system serial number, partition number, and maximum processor capacity, and is not valid for a system that has not been partitioned. For the overwhelming majority of our customers, a system wide license (~ 98%) is the best choice. A partition license (~ 2%) is the best choice in very limited circumstances involving small partitions on large machines.

The system wide license prices for all of our products, with the exception of Report Designer, are tiered based on your system's processor group. You can determine your machine's processor group by running the IBM i Work with License Information (WRKLICINF) command.

The partition only license prices for all of our products, with the exception of Report Designer, are based on the maximum processor capacity configured for the partition (rounded up to the nearest tenth). You can determine your partition's maximum processor capacity by running the IBM i Start System Service Tools (STRSST) command and taking option 5 "Work with system partitions" then option 1 "Display partition information" then option 2 "Display partition processing configuration".

The one time charge includes the first  year of maintenance services. You are purchasing a permanent license to use the software subject to the terms of a license agreement and upgrade policy.

System Wide License (all partitions)
Processor Group One Time Charge Annual Maintenance
P05 $1,045 $160
P10 $1,495 $225
P20 $2,545 $385
P30 $4,195 $630
P40 $6,295 $945
P50 $8,395 $1,260
P60 $10,495 $1,575
Partition Only License (one partition)
Price Component One Time Charge Annual Maintenance
Base per partition $940 $140
Add per processor $1,050 $160
  1. The smallest unit of processor capacity is .1 (one tenth). For example, round 1.43 up to 1.5.
  2. Example partition only license: 1 partition with 1.43 processors OTC = $1,675 = $940 + 1.5 X $1050.
  3. Run CALL PGM(QLZARCAPI) to see MAX PROCESSING CAPACITY: for a partition.
  4. Prices for other Gumbo products can be found on our current Price Sheet.
  5. Revised 2022/06/01.